DENMARK: Expansion of Positive List

July 15, 2020

Effective 1 July 2020, the Danish immigration authorities have expanded the ‘positive list’ of shortage occupations to include a ‘Positive List for Skilled Work’ and the previous positive list has been renamed the ‘Positive List for the Highly Educated’.

The Positive List is Denmark’s list of occupations which are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professional resident workers. Foreign nationals who have been offered a job which is on the list, and have an educational background that qualifies them for the job, can apply for a work and residence permit under the scheme.

The previous Positive List has been renamed ‘the Positive List for the Highly Educated’ and currently includes 44 job titles (the same ones applicable since January 2020).

To use the new ‘Positive List for Skilled Work’, the employer must fulfil certain societal educational obligations regarding training of apprentices as stated in the scheme regarding Employer’s Contribution to Education (Arbejdsgivernes Uddannelsesbidrag or AUB). In short, the employer is obligated to train a certain number of apprentices and has to have met this target.

Our Advice

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