DENMARK: Significant Changes to Immigration Schemes

June 9, 2016

It has been announced that there will be some changes to particular Danish immigration schemes this month. As of today, 10th June, the controversial Green Card scheme will be abolished.  The minimum salary for the pay limit scheme has also increased as of 2nd June after a bill was passed.

Green Card Scheme

The Green Card Scheme allows individuals to get a residence permit to look for work or carry out work in Denmark. The work permit and residency in Denmark is granted to those who score above 100 on the points system. Points are granted on details such as; language, skills, work experience, education, adaptability and age.

The scheme has always evoked much criticism and in January 2015 new rules governing the scheme took effect which were held retrospectively to all green card holders. Despite the scheme being abolished as of 10th June, you are still able to apply for a residence permit as an accompanying family member of a person currently holding a green card.

Pay Limit Scheme

If you have a highly paid job offer in Denmark you can be eligible to obtain a work and residence permit quickly through the pay limit scheme.

The minimum salary to qualify for the Pay Limit scheme is now DKK 400,000 per year (DKK 33,333 per month), up from DKK 375,000 per year. It remains possible to apply for an extension of an existing work and residence permit under the Pay Limit scheme with a salary of DKK 375,000, as long as all the employment conditions remain the same.

Under the scheme the work and residence permit lasts up to 3 years with a possible extension of up to 4 years. The minimum salary requirement will be reviewed annually.

Employers should ensure that the salaries of all pending and upcoming (not submitted) applicants for the Pay Limit scheme meet the new minimum salary requirement.

If you require any further information regarding these changes please contact us at [email protected].