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Matter concerned: Our client was involved with a large-scale project in the Middle East, with resources being sent to many GCC countries including Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, & Saudi Arabia. The client ran into compliance issues with residence permits being issued in more than one GCC country.

Resolution: Discussions around the key objectives; representations made to the immigration authorities on the issues raised

Outcome: Eventually, employee visa was extended and penalty was withdrawn

Matter concerned: Our client wanted their employee with an employment pass in Singapore to maintain residency in Singapore whilst on assignment to Malaysia. Due to various considerations including family residence, the client was keen to retain the employee and also to ensure a successful overseas assignment.

Resolution: We advised our client on compliance matters and how to ensure that the employee and his family were not in breach of any immigration conditions. We then agreed steps to file the correct applications for permission to live and work in the respective countries.

Outcome: Our client was able to successfully send their employee on assignment to Malaysia

Matter concerned: An individual overstayed his visa in Turkey and was stopped at the airport, where the authorities blacklisted him and refused his entry to Turkey. They also banned him from re-entering without prior permission.

Resolution: Despite the fact that it was a public holiday in Turkey, our team was still able to contact the Ministry officials responsible for making discretionary decisions and represent a strong argument on behalf of the client.

Outcome: The decision to issue a fresh visa was granted and the employee was able to return to Turkey with the correct permission.

Comment from Client:
“I have been told that you can do magic……”

Matter concerned: Our client had challenges to fill urgent positions within a short period of time to resource a complex project launched in the UK. The main issue was the volume of assignees required to be transferred and the tight timeframes.

Resolution: We worked with the client to put together an account team who would manage the process quickly and efficiently, and ensure that the required deadlines were met in accordance with the client requirements.

Outcome: We were able to deliver the services for the client and ensure the visas were issued in a timely manner through coordination and teamwork.

Matter concerned: Our client was looking for strategic advice in understanding permissible activities in Angola under the business visitor status. Due to the unique nature of the work undertaken by the client we were asked to provide advice specific to their particular needs. They did not have an entity set up in Angola and required solutions that would ensure their employees were not at risk of refusal of entry.

Resolution: We supported the client in understanding their employee activities, putting a system in place to monitor and track them to manage compliance and assist with the correct permissions to enable their staff to work in Angola.

Outcome: A smoother process for the client that helped them service their contracts in Angola and a more streamlined way of working to obtain the correct

Matter Concerned: Support with Block visas for Saudi Arabia

Issues: No flexibility on nationality or job discipline leading to limited choice of resources

Resolution: Reviewing project requirements; strategic planning on managing the business expectations; achieving the desired outcome through lengthy negotiations

Outcome: Successful Grant of Block visas

Comment from Client:
“We had tried to seek assistance for this type of issue previously and despite our best efforts, we were advised that we could not change our allocation. After seeking assistance from Newland Chase we were successfully able to achieve our business goals and send the right resources to work on our project in Saudi Arabia. The assistance offered by Newland Chase was professional and responsive."

Matter concerned: An educational consultancy business with a vision to expand to the UK. However, the business was relatively new with a low annual Turnover, with a new member of staff heading the project and little business direction in working in the UK or internationally

Resolution: Business and direction planning, representation to UKVI in Beijing, expediting application

Outcome: Successful grant of visa

Comment from Client:
“Thank you for your help on my visa! I am writing to thank you for my successful visa application with your rich experience. In the process of my visa documents preparation, you are very professional and patient. Without your help, I believe that my visa application would be more difficult”

Matter concerned: An individual with business acumen, but with no experience in operating the business to which he wishes to start up in the UK, wishing to apply for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) route. The client faced a potential refusal under the Genuine Entrepreneur Route

Resolution: We identified the part of the business to which he would be operating and worked together with key professionals to identify the best methodology for operating the business for a 5 year period

Outcome: Successful grant of Tier 1 – Entrepreneur; the client is now setting up the 2nd phase of his business expansion from within the UK, in accordance with the business plan.

Matter concerned: Difficulty in establishing a UK investment account, transferral of funds and prior refusals under another category of the rules

Resolution: We coordinated with our trusted network of financial institutions to lawfully establish an investment account for the individual, transferral of funds and associated trusted wealth managers to introduce the acceptable financial products for the client prior to applying for a visa. Further representation on previous refusals

Outcome: Grant of visa and client fully invested into UKVI acceptable investment products

Matter concerned: Urgent application to be endorsed and travel plans, evidence of achievements

Resolution: Representation to Senior policy within the exceptional talent team

Outcome: Exceptional application process resulting in a grant of endorsement and leave within 7 working days. Grant of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent

Comment from Client:
“I'd like to join my wife in extending my thanks to you for your efforts on our behalf. I'm absolutely delighted. Please also convey our thanks to your friend at the Home Office.”