AUSTRALIA: Changes to Fees and Evidence Required for Visas

Australian Department of Immigration fee changes

As of 1st July 2015 onwards the Australian Department of Immigration has increased all its visa application fees.  Full details of the changes can be found here. However it may be useful for employers to note the key changes to the 457 and 400 subtypes:

Australian 457 visa changes to evidence requirements

Since 17th July 2015 workers applying for a 457 Visa must now ensure that if they are earning less than AU$ 250,000 there is relevant evidence to suggest that their wage is in line with the one that an Australian might earn for working in the same place and on the same job.

The burden of evidence for applicants could, however, have been lighter as the Australian senate blocked and dismissed the “legislative instrument” that had planned to lower the high earner boundary to AU$180,000.

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