CANADA: All Visitors Required to Apply for Prior Approval

From 15th March 2016, due to the high number of inadmissible visitors that are stopped at Canada”s borders every year, even visitors from countries who do not require visas will have to apply electronically for permission to enter Canada.

In an efficiency and safety drive the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) service has announced that a special eTA (electronic Travel Authorisation) system has been set up for visitors from the many visa exempt nations. This system will enable the Canadian government to screen applicants from treaty exempt countries before they arrive, hopefully saving money and strengthening security measures at the same time.

In their mission statement the CIC have indicated that the majority of applications will be processed and permitted within minutes. In addition the CIC have indicated that an Interactive Advanced Passenger Information system may also be set up in tandem with the eTA to check for passengers that lack advanced permission before they even board their plane for Canada.

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