CANADA: Express Entry Program Favours Holders of Confirmed Job Offers

Canadian immigration officials held another round of invitations through the Express Entry immigration program on 1st June 2016.  A total of 762 applicants were issued with “Invitations to Apply” for permanent residence and the score of the lowest ranked candidate was 483 points.  The results of this round suggest that CIC continues to restrict the program to applicants who either have a confirmed job offer in Canada or who are very highly qualified. 


The Express Entry program was implemented in January 2015. The program is a web based portal through which anyone who is interested in becoming an economic migrant to Canada submits their application. All applicants are required to complete language testing in either English or French and must have their educational credentials assessed relative to Canadian standards prior to applying.  To apply, the applicant completes an online profile and their application is placed into a pool.  The applicant receives an acknowledgement from CIC which includes their point assessment.  The maximum number of points that can be attained is 1200, of which 600 are granted through either a provincial nomination or a job offer that has been approved by the Canadian Government.  Points are also granted for other factors including age, language ability, education, work experience and adaptability. 

Express Entry rounds have been held approximately twice per month since January 2015, and there have been 35 Express Entry invitation rounds conducted since that time. The most applicants selected in a round were 1637 and the lowest point ranking candidate had 450 points. The last three rounds show a trend toward lowering the number of selections. 

Next Steps

Canada”s economic immigration programs continue to be closely tied to the country”s labour market.  Anyone interested in applying to immigrate to Canada should attempt to find a job in Canada before applying. 

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