CANADA: Government Lifts Visa Requirement for Citizens of Mexico

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced this week, that the visa requirement for Mexican citizens will be lifted on 1st December 2016. The announcement was made during a state visit by Mexican President Peña Nieto and follows through on a promise that Trudeau made during his recent election campaign. 


Canada imposed a visa requirement on Mexican citizens in 2009 in response to a dramatic increase in the numbers of Mexican citizens making refugee claims in Canada.  The visa requirement was not well received by Mexico and has been an irritant in bilateral relations between the two countries.  Mexico and Canada are partners in NAFTA. 

It has been reported that Canadian immigration officials were opposed to the lifting of the visa requirement citing increased risk of visa fraud, asylum claims and international crime.

For his part, President Peña Nieto announced that Mexico would open its market to Canadian beef imports. 

Next Steps

Citizens of Mexico travelling to Canada before 1st December 2016 will be required to obtain a visa to visit Canada.  After 1st December , Mexican passport holders will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization prior to flying to Canada, which applies to both business visitors and tourists.  Newland Chase Canada can assist with Canadian visas and Electronic Travel Authorization for further information please contact:

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