CANADA: Increased Immigration Audits for Employers

Employers in Canada will now face more scrutinous compliance auditing by Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC). Those employers that are hiring foreign nationals will face increased audits to affirm whether they are complying with immigration regulations.

Having announced earlier this year that increased audits would soon be forthcoming, CIC are anticipating that approximately one in four employers will be subject to extensive auditing. This will include scrutiny on the verification of job offers, remuneration, relocation packages and various other representations made with regards to securing a Canadian work permit.

These changes are down to the introduction of increased employer compliance measures as the CIC continues to roll out its programme of “Putting Canadians First”. These measures will affect some of Canada”s most sought after work categories, including Intra-Company Transfers and Free Trade Agreement Permits. 

Employers must take care to ensure that they comply with the new regulations as the penalties for companies who do not comply with the new regulations have increased significantly.

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