Important changes to the restricted certificates of sponsorship (RCoS)

Due to recent changes to the codes of practice for skilled employers, the UKBA has made some adjustments to the restricted certificate of sponsorship application process (RCoS) for this transition period, which will apply for March, April, and May 2013.

 If you are being granted a restricted certificate of sponsorship before the 6th April 2013, it must be assigned by the 5th April 2013 otherwise the “job type” details will be lost when the new SOC system is being updated. This means you will have a make another new application.

 Due to these changes, there will also be some adjustments to the usual monthly allocation of restricted certificate of sponsorship (RCoS) for April and May 2013.

 Applications for the April allocation will be accepted from the 6th April to the 17th April 2013. Decisions on these applications will be made on the 19th April 2013. For the May allocation, applications will need to be made between the 18th April to the 5th May 2013. Decisions on these will be made on the 13 May 2013.

 If an urgent application for the restricted certificate of sponsorship is needed, sponsors may send a request for exceptional consideration, however it must be submitted between the 6th March and  the18th April. However, the request must be submitted on the same day as your application, to avoid your application of being rejected.  

 Reasons for exceptional consideration include:

·         the delay being caused by the UKBA resulting in the need for a CoS for a migrant who is due to start work before the next monthly allocation; or

·        a consultant surgeon being recruited and needing to be appointed immediately because they have patients listed for life-saving surgery before the next monthly allocation.

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