Changes to Settlement and Family Migration announced

Last Thursday, MP Damian Green gave a speech to the Policy Exchange which indicated that the UK Government will make further changes to employment-related settlement, or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), and family migration.

As we reported in November 2011,  the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended imposing an “appropriate income range” for those wishing to sponsor their spouse or children to come to the UK, of between £18,600 and £25,700. Our Immigration Minister stated that this will “produce a new system for family migration which is selective in choosing people who are ready and able to take a positive role in the life of their local community and society more widely.”

The MAC has also suggested imposing a salary threshold of between £31,000 and £49,000 per year for those applying for settlement or ILR after 5 years of continuously working and living in the UK.

However, Damian Green did not mention how and when these proposed changes would come into effect, and whether transitional arrangements will be made for those who are already in the UK and do not meet the planned salary requirements for either immigration category.

We appreciate that these intended changes may cause concern for many individuals who are hoping to either sponsor their family members to come to the UK, or who are looking forward to applying for settlement. If you have any questions or queries regarding these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will provide greater detail on these proposals as soon a statement stipulating any official changes is released by the Government.

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