DUBAI: Emirates ID to Help Decrease Time for UAE Residents at DXB Airport

Residents of the UAE are now able to decrease their exit or entrance time from the UAE, thanks to the new Emirates ID technology which has come into place at Dubai International (DXB) Airport.  The new technology allows travellers to technically exit or enter the gates in 10 to 15 seconds.

The new system, which is free of charge and requires no registration prior to use, does away with lines and should help business travellers save time when travelling to and from Dubai. It has already been tested on 234,000 residents since it came into place earlier this year. 

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, said: “With a transaction time that averages 10 to 15 seconds, this is clearly a smarter way to travel. It speeds up the immigration process significantly and shortens queues. Our focus going forward is to get more residents using it”.

Available on all 127 smart gates across all three terminals at Dubai Airport, the ID confirms the identity of the traveller (who must be over 18), their travel plans and works out how eligible they are to enter or leave UAE.

Dubai International Airport has also previously proposed plans for new smart immigration gates which allow passengers to register by simply scanning their eyes without the need for a passport or e-Gate card.

Alongside these new measures outlined above, both DXB and Dubai World Central airports were fitted with high speed Wi-Fi last week which should also benefit business travellers.

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