ITALY: New Residence Permit Fees for 2016

On 10th March 2016 the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued a decree which increased the filing fees for the electronic residence permit in credit card format.

The new fees will apply to non-EU citizens entering Italy. All non-EU citizens require a visa for any visit that exceeds 90 days (3 months).

However, nationals of certain countries are exempt from visa requirements for visits of up to 90 days. Please see here for a definitive list of countries which are eligible for visa exemption.

EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Italy, regardless of the intended length of stay.

What are the new fees?

The new fees are as follows. Please also note the appropriate renewal times for each permit type:

The EC residence permit card applies to foreigners who have been resident in Italy for 5 years. This permit is valid indefinitely, but should be renewed every 5 years with new photographs to ensure that it remains a valid form of personal identification.

We advise all non-EU citizens that require a visa to enter Italy to take note of the new fees, and to be mindful of the renewal timelines. For assistance with Italian visa applications or renewals, please email us at

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