KAZAKHSTAN – Late Notification of Arrival May Incur Fines

Effective 9th January 2018, changes to the code of administrative offences mean that a host entity may now be fined for the late notification of a foreign national’s entry into Kazakhstan.


If the host entity fails to notify the internal affairs body of foreign nationals’ arrival within three business days, a fine in the following amount may be imposed:

  • 10x the monthly calculated index (MCI – currently KZT 2405 / approximately USD 7.5) – on individuals, officials, small businesses and non-commercial organizations
  • 15x MCI – on medium-sized businesses
  • 20x MCI – on large businesses. Previously, the abovementioned fines were applicable only in case a host entity failed to register foreign nationals upon their arrival to Kazakhstan or to obtain documents allowing them to stay in Kazakhstan or to ensure they exit Kazakhstan when the allowed term of stay expires

Our Advice

Companies sponsoring foreign nationals in Kazakhstan should ensure they notify the authorities of the foreign nationals’ arrival within three business days to avoid financial penalties.

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