London 2012: Apply Now!

The UK Border Agency have released a statement to the effect that from 1 January 2012, they will accept and process visas for foreign visitors coming to the UK to watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Many extra visitors will be applying for visas over the coming months and therefore we advise that you submit your application as soon as possible, to avoid any delays in processing.

If you are an ‘Olympic or Paralympic Games family member,’ you may be able to enter or remain in the UK without a visa between 30 March and 8 November 2012.

An ‘Olympic or Paralympic Games family member’ is a person who has been accredited for the 2012 Olympic or Paralympic Games by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).  Games family members include athletes, umpires, technical and support staff, broadcasters, and other people associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

If you wish to come to the UK before the 30th March 2012, for reasons relating to the Games, you must apply for an Olympic or Paralympic Games visit visa.

Please note that any members of your family (such as your spouse or children) who wish to accompany you will need to apply separately for permission to visit the UK, and cannot apply for the Olympic/Paralympic visit visa.

For further information as to whether you need apply for a visa and the requirements you must satisfy to be awarded entry into the UK for the 2012 Games, please contact us.

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