NETHERLANDS: Annual residence permit for wealthy foreign investors

From the 1st of October wealthy foreign investors to the Netherlands, with a minimum capital of €1,250,000 to invest, will be able to obtain a regular residence permit for a year. In offering such an annual residence permit, the State Secretary of Security and Justice aims to stimulate the growth of the Dutch economy by ensuring sizeable foreign investments. Although intended to ease immigration requirements for foreign investment, the capital and its respective investor will still be subject to an almost arduous level of administrative scrutiny.

The NL Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, will evaluate whether such investments will in fact add value to the Dutch economy. Such an evaluation will be based upon the innovative character of the respective business and its potential to generate domestic jobs. Naturally, it will also ensure against possible money laundering by examining the origin of the capital to be invested.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will also inspect the wealthy foreign investor”s background in order to ascertain whether they present any risk to public order and national security, all the while coordinating with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Furthermore, a statement confirming that the capital has no “mala fide origin” must be issued by a registered Dutch accounting firm, that also has an office in the investor”s country of origin.

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