Netherlands: Changes to Foreign Investor Scheme Announced

The Dutch Minister of Migration has announced that The Foreign Investors scheme will be revised, with the intention of encouraging more investors to apply for the programme.

What is the Foreign Investor Scheme?

The Foreign Investors scheme requires applicants to invest €1.25 million into the Netherlands; either directly into a Dutch company, or through a participation fund or consortium of investors.

The investor must first prove that they are eligible for the scheme by way of a points system, where the applicant must score a minimum of 90 points out of a possible 300 across three categories (Experience, Business Plan, and Added Value), as well as provide numerous other documents relating to the details of their investment.

Should the investor meet all of the requirements, they will be issued with a residence permit which is valid for one year.

What will change?

The announced amendments to this scheme which are anticipated to be implemented in July 2016, will allow the investor the option of investing in real estate. This does not however, include property investment for personal residence purposes.

The points system has also been revised, so that investors are now required to meet the criteria of only two of the three categories.

Currently, it is a requirement that the investor provides a report from an accountant who is registered both in their home country, and in the Netherlands. Following the changes, this will no longer be necessary.

Finally, the residence permit will be valid for three years, as opposed to the current term of one year.


This is a brief summary of the key changes that have been proposed, we will update you on the full details once the changes have been implemented later this year.

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