New Police Registration requirement for London migrants

If you are a migrant coming to the UK, your visa conditions may require you to report to the Police (this will be evident from the visa label in your passport). For London residents, all registrations  take place at the Overseas Visitors Records Office, Brandon House, Ground Floor, 180, Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LH. Registration must be completed within 7 days of arrival.

Previously, all that was required of the migrant was to bring with them their passport and any applicable Home Office Letter. The Metropolitan Police would then key in their details, request  a £34 registration fee and the person would be on their way.

From 2 September 2013 however, you should be made aware that if you arriving in the UK and intend to live in London, there are further documents you will need to gather before attending the Records Office. Failure to bring these documents may result in the registration being turned down.

Any persons now wishing to register with the police must ensure they complete an On-Line registration pro-forma (filled out in capital letters), attach two passport sized photographs, a copy of the visa page of their passport and their biometric residence permit (if applicable) together with the £34 fee before being allowed to register.

It is important to ensure that you comply with these procedures as failure to report to the police and/or failure to do so in time may result in you breaching the conditions of your stay.

Please note that the above are for migrants intending to live in London and does not apply to other cities and towns, where registration usually takes place with the local police station.

For full details of the change, you may contact us or visit the Overseas Visitors Records Office website.

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