New UK visitor visa requirement for Venezuelan nationals

From 5th May 2014, all visitors from Venezuela to the UK – including holders of biometric passports – will need to obtain a visa before travelling to the UK. This is regardless of the length of their stay. Until this date, Venezuelan nationals do not require a visa to enter the UK for visits of less than six months.

The current policy for Venezuelan nationals will remain in force up to and including 4th May 2014, meaning that Venezuelan citizens with a biometric chipped passport can continue to come to the UK and do not require a visa for short visits of less than 6 months, if entering before 5th May 2014.

Venezuelan nationals who have been granted leave to enter the UK for a visit of less than 6 months before 5th May 2014 will not need to be in possession of a visa during their stay, even where staying beyond 5th May as the immigration officer will have stamped their passport allowing them to enter the UK for a certain length of time.

How to apply for a visa if you are a Venezuelan national:

Applicants will need to apply for their visa online and book an appointment in order to submit their supporting documents and biometric information at the Visa Application Centre in Caracas. UKVI have stated that the processing times for these applications will be approximately 15 working days.

The cost of a six-month multiple entry visit visa is £83 GBP / 907 VEF (Venezuelan bolivars). Applicants who travel frequently may further be able to apply for a multiple-entry visa of 2, 5 or 10-year validity for a higher fee.

Should you require assistance with applying for a UK Visit visa from Venezuela, please contact us.

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