NEW ZEALAND: Increase in Net Migration

New Zealand gained its highest net migration last year with one in three permanent migrants now coming from either China or India according to new immigration figures.

The Migration Trends and Outlook 2014/15 have recently released net migration figures which show a gain of 58,300. China contributed the largest number of permanent migrants with an overall figure of 17%, closely followed by India at 16%. Interestingly the United Kingdom finished in third place accounting for 11% of all permanent migrants in New Zealand.

According to Professor Spoonley of Massey University “…The net gain is now north of 60,000 and growing month-on-month… The interesting aspect is that the flows are very ethnically diverse … and will have a major impact on the ethnic diversity of New Zealand….” Professor Spoonley furthermore commented “… New Zealand has continued to attract migrants because of the quality of its lifestyle…”

Immigration New Zealand said the record net migration gain was because of a low net loss of New Zealand citizens (5,600) combined with a large net gain of non-New Zealand citizens (63,900). Overall net migration statistics can be seen below:

• 58,300 – net migration gains, highest recorded

• 43,085 – approved permanent resident visas, main sources China, India and UK

• 84,856 – international students, up 16%

• 170,814 – granted work visa, up 10%

• 88% – permanent migrants approved.

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