NICARAGUA: New Entry Request Form Required Before Travel

With immediate effect, the Nicaraguan Immigration Directorate (DGME) has introduced a new requirement for travellers entering Nicaragua for reasons other than tourism to submit, at least seven days in advance of travel, an entry request form.

What is the Procedure?

Any organisation in Nicaragua hosting foreign nationals to enter for any purpose other than tourism should contact Newland Chase who can provide the appropriate form and details of how to submit it.

If the host organisation is sponsoring more than one foreign national, a document listing all the travellers can also be submitted, including their full name, passport or travel/identity document number, nationality, date of birth and the proposed dates and ports of entry and exit.

Approval will be notified to the applicant and to the port of entry.

Our advice

Companies sponsoring foreign nationals to travel to Nicaragua for work or other non-tourist purposes should ensure they submit a completed entry request form at least seven days in advance of the intended date of entry, to avoid delaying the date of entry or the start of the assignment.

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This information was provided by our sister company, Peregrine Immigration Management.

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