PANAMA: New Online Application for Travel Permits for Minors

Effective 1st April 2018, the National Immigration Authority will implement a mandatory online application process for travel permits for minors exiting the country with one or no parents.

The introduction of the new system may cause delays.

Who is affected?

The new online system applies only to Panamanian nationals or residents who are minors and who are traveling with either one of their parents (with authorization from the other parent) or with a third party authorized by both parents.

If both parents are travelling with the child, the travel permit will not be required, and they can exit with only their passports, and the child’s Panamanian ID card or birth certificate.

What is the process?

The applicant must complete an online application and upload copies of the passports or Panamanian IDs of both parents and the minor.

Once the application is completed, the applicant must print a copy of the authorization letter, and take it to an notary for certification.

Our Advice

Parents of children travelling out of Panama should check whether a travel permit for minors is required and, if so, allow enough time to obtain one.

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