Reforms proposed for family migration

The Immigration Minister Damian Green has delivered a speech at the Centre for Policy Studies, in which he attempted to reaffirm the importance of tackling abuse of the family migration route, and promoting better community integration for migrants who choose to settle in the UK.

He highlighted research that supports the government’s proposals on family migration. The proposals, which are currently being consulted on, will prevent the family route being used to bypass UK immigration laws.

Damian Green said:

‘These are sensitive issues which have been ignored for far too long but ones we are determined to tackle.  We want a system that lets everyone know where they stand and what their responsibilities are.  If your marriage is not genuine, if you have no interest in this country and its way of life, if you are coming here to live off benefits, don’t come in the first place.’

Newland Chase feels that the government are moving towards implementing a stricter policy with regards to family visas, and therefore recommends that clients submit their family visa applications before these take effect.

To ensure that as many people as possible can have their say on the consultation and question the Immigration Minister on the proposals, a YouTube question and answer has been launched.

Full details of the consultation on family migration can be found on the UKBA”s website.

For further details of the proposals and our view on how these may affect family migration, please visit our Publications section.

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