RUSSIA: Ban on Employment of Turkish Nationals Lifted, Visa Restrictions Eased

Turkish nationals can once more be employed in Russia, and enter Russia visa-free for short business trips.

On 31st May 2017, the President signed an order lifting many of the sanctions imposed on Turkey by Russia in November 2017.


Presidential Order No. 583 of 28th November 2015 introduced a package of sanctions against Turkey, including the ban on employment of Turkish nationals in Russia.

The presidential order also suspended the bilateral agreement between Turkey and Russia from 12th May 2010 on the simplification of visa requirements. This meant that, from 1st January 2016, Turkish nationals were not able to enter Russia for tourism or business without a visa, except for diplomats and residence permit holders.

Our advice

Companies considering employing Turkish nationals in Russia, or sending Turkish nationals to Russia for business purposes, should confirm the latest requirements with an immigration specialist.

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