SAUDI ARABIA: Labor Ministry Cuts Visa Eligible Jobs

In a move to reserve capacity for their internal workforce, the Saudi Arabian government has announced measures to strike off 19 job titles from migrant availability. The Labor Ministry has informed businesses that they will only be permitted to hire Saudi nationals in any of the 19 job titles. Even existing employees within these job descriptions will no longer be able to renew their visas, in an attempt to phase out all expatriate employees in these categories.

Although the full list is yet to be disclosed, a few of the proposed unpermitted titles have been announced including;

  • Chief Administrator of Human Resources

  • Receptionist (Hotel and General)

  • Director of Personal Relations

  • Head of Personnel Department

  • Director of Labor Affairs

  • Cashier

Given that these measures have been announced as part of a more general move to protect the Saudi internal employment market, it would appear more crucial than ever for employers to stay on top of the developing situation. Should you require any advice on this or any other immigration matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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