SINGAPORE: Reminder – Minimum Salary Thresholds for Dependent Privileges Increasing 1st January

As a follow-up to our earlier alert in October, companies and their foreign employees in Singapore are reminded that, effective 1st January, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is increasing the minimum salary threshold required for foreign nationals to sponsor their family members for Dependent Passes (DPs) and Long Term Visit Passes (LTVPs).

Starting in January, Employment Pass and S Pass holders will need to earn the following minimum fixed monthly salaries in order to sponsor family members:

  • SGD 6000 to obtain DPs for spouses and unmarried dependent children under 21 years of age;
  • SGD 6000 to obtain LTVPs for common-law spouses, unmarried stepchildren under 21 years of age, and unmarried children 21 years of age and older, under certain circumstances; and
  • SGD 12,000 to obtain LTVPs for parents.

Our Advice

Foreign Employment Pass and S Pass holders seeking Dependent Passes and Long-Term Visits Passes for family members may want to submit their dependent applications before 1st January in order to take advantage of the lower minimum salary thresholds.

If submitting after 1st January, take note of the increased thresholds and ensure that current monthly salaries meet the new minimums to qualify for DPs and LTVPs. For more details, see our earlier alert of 5th October.

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