SOUTH AFRICA: New Immigration Bill Proposed to Cut Overstaying

A new bill has been proposed in South Africa to increase the sanctions currently in place for foreigners overstaying  in the country, bringing in tighter measures and penalties.

It is essential to note that these are currently in proposal stages, however South Africa Home Affairs are pushing to have heavier penalties imposed for any breaches in immigration laws and processes.

The proposed Immigration Amendment Bill,  which was presented by the Home Affairs Committee on Thursday, states that any persons who overstays past their issued visa will not qualify for a new entry visa. This means over stayers will not be permitted to enter South Africa during the period of their entry ban.

This could mean that foreigners who overstay could face much stringent penalties which could include bans of between 1-5 years depending on the duration of the overstay .

Presently there are fines and limited restrictions in place for overstaying, and the proposed bill aims to tighten and restrain overstaying within South Africa.  Home Affairs who have proposed this bill, believe fines are often ineffective.

Taking into consideration the latest proposal, we strongly recommend that foreign travellers remain compliant and ensure they do not overstay on their visa.  We aim to ensure to keep you up-to-date with any official changes and if and when the bill is ratified.

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