SPAIN: New minimum salary thresholds

The Spanish National Institute of Statistics has published its annual report on salary levels across all sectors of Spanish business.  The changes which have been recommended will affect minimum salary levels for work permit applications submitted to the Large Business Unit and those set for Blue Card applications.

The new minimum salary thresholds are as follows:

  • Work permit applications at the Large Business Unit (Unidad de Grandes Empresas, or UGE) must now provide evidence of a salary of at least EUR28,254.40 for non-director positions or EUR56,508.80 for directors.

  • Blue Card applicants must demonstrate a salary of at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary for the specific job to be done, or 1.2 times the average gross annual salary for specific shortage skills jobs (which are listed each year by each EU member state and presented to the European Commission).

Companies who wish to employ foreign nationals in Spain should take note of the new salary thresholds and adjust assignee packages accordingly.

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