SWITZERLAND: Quotas for EU/EFTA L Permits Exhausted for Third Quarter of 2016

The quota for L permits for the third quarter of 2016, for short-term assignees from European Union (EU) / European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) countries, has been filled.

The Swiss government decided to keep the reduced amount of permit quota for the year 2016. The quotas are allocated to the cantons on a quarterly basis.

Who is Affected?

New, incoming EU/EFTA nationals who are assigned to Switzerland but remain on foreign employment contracts will not be issued L permits until 1st October 2016.

Who is Not Affected?

The quota for B permits, and permits not subject to quotas, such as the 120-day permit and the 4-month short-term permit, are not affected. Quotas for non-EU/EFTA nationals are also not affected.

Cantonal Variations

The cantonal procedures in dealing with the situation vary:


All other cantons are still under investigation.


It is important that you allow for possible delays with sending EU/EFTA nationals to Switzerland. If you require any additional information regarding the above please contact a member of our specialised team at enquiries@newlandchase.com

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