TURKEY: Residence Permit Cancellation Laws and Enforceability

Turkish immigration authorities are beginning to enforce rules regarding foreigners and cancellation of residence permits for continuous presence outside of Turkey. Approximately two years ago, rules were issued by the Government which limited the time a foreigner could stay outside of Turkey and still maintain residency status.

The relevant legal provisions stipulate the following timeframes that holders of various permits are allowed to remain outside Turkey before their leave lapses:

  • Up to a year of being outside of Turkey for long-term residence permit holders before their permits are cancelled.

  • Up to 120 continuous days of being outside of Turkey for short-term residence permit holders before their permits are cancelled; and

  • Up 180 continuous days of being outside of Turkey for family residence permit holders before their permits are cancelled.

The Turkish authorities have specified exceptions to the above rules, which could be applicable to those who are outside of Turkey for reasons related to education, health, or national service. All other foreign nationals should expect the law to be enforced for those remaining outside of Turkey”s borders for longer than the time period prescribed by the 2014 regulation.

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