UK: Biometric Residence Permits Roll Out Internationally

UK Visas and Immigration started issuing Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) for non-EEA nationals travelling to the UK in March 2015 and this scheme rolled out in three phases.  From today, 31st July, the international rollout schedule will be completed which means that all applications made by non-EEA nationals from overseas will receive a BRP.

Applicants will now receive a 30 day vignette in their passport instead of the full grant of leave. Once they enter the UK, they are required to collect their BRP confirming the full length of the visa from a designated Post Office or an Alternative Collection Location (ACL). Newland Chase is an approved ACL so please let us know if you would prefer to collect from our offices and we can provide you with our ACL number.

The 30 day travel window is determined using information provided in the application form and applicants receive a letter which provides instructions on how to collect their BRP upon the grant of their initial visa. Generally, applicants are required to collect their BRP within 10 days of entering the UK.

What do sponsors need to be aware of?

If the individual would like to start work before collecting their BRP, you must conduct the right to work check by signing, dating and retaining a copy of the employee”s passport containing their personal details as well as the 30 day vignette. As soon as the individual collects their BRP, you must repeat the right to work check by ensuring that the BRP is copied (both sides) and the copy signed, dated and retained on file.

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