UK: Home Office Introduces New Requirements for Sponsor License Applications

The UK government has set up new procedures and requirements for British employers that would seek to apply for a sponsor license so that they may hire foreign employees from outside the EU. The Home Office now require employers to provide details of the first position that they intend to fill were they successful in acquiring a sponsorship license. This is specific to the Tier 2 General worker category.

This new requirement adds onto the employer”s existing obligation to provide considerable additional documentation if they seek to acquire a sponsor license. They will be required to supply the following details with regards to the proposed first position that will be filled:

  • Job Title and SOC code
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Required skills and expertise
  • A corporate organizational chart that details everyone working for the company, their position, job title, and an indication of which positions (if any) are vacant
  • Whether the job is newly created;
  1. If yes, the purpose for the creation of the position, or
  2. If no, the duration the position has existed in its entirety
  • Proof that the role has been advertised to the UK labour market in two “approved mediums” for 28 days, along with a full list of shortlisted applicants and interview notes showing both the unsuccessful and successful candidates..
  • The name, nationality and date of birth of the proposed new hire that the sponsor licence is initially required for.

The new procedures have been criticised for placing larger burdens on employers as they have to provide details of job openings further in advance if they wish to consider hiring foreign employees at some point in the future.

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