UK: Latest Net Migration Figures Released

The latest net migration figures were released yesterday, showing the UK”s current figures to be at 327,000. These figures were taken in the year to March 2016 and are the difference between the number of arrivals and departures within this period to the UK.

Following the result of the Brexit referendum, these figures were expected to be lower due to the economic improvement across Europe and mounting uncertainty regarding the UK”s membership of the European Union. 

Although the net migration figures were down on 2015 which were 334,000, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) there was not a statistical significant decline. Net migration figures surpass the Conservative’s target of 100,000; however these figures don”t fully take into account the EU referendum as this only occurred at the tail end of the measured period.

It is hard to predict how Brexit may affect migration in the UK until the details of any agreement is announced as the exact plans of Britain”s new relationship within the EU is currently unclear.

However, experts are predicting that, regardless of the result of the EU referendum, migration levels in the UK are likely to decrease due to a fall in unemployment in other EU countries and the relative decline in the value of the pound.

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