UK: New Visa, Immigration and Nationality Application Fees Announced

The UK Government has recently announced the proposed changes to the fees for visas, immigration and nationality applications and associated premium services.

The proposed fees are expected to take effect from 6th April 2016 after the legislation has been laid before Parliament.

The proposed fees were announced by UK Visas & Immigration on 11th January 2016.  They anticipate that the increased fees would allow the UK government to reduce contributions from tax payers towards the border, immigration and citizenship system to ensure that by 2020, the immigration system is self-funded by its users.

Users are expected to see a small increase of approximately 2% for visit, study and work visas:

Settlement, residence and nationality fees are expected to increase by 25% in 2016/17:

Premium services, such as the priority visa service will see a “targeted increase” in 2016/17:

Fees for a sponsorship license, sponsorship license renewal or maintenance of licenses will remain fixed at the 2015/16 rates.

The full proposed Fee table can be found on the UKVI website.

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