UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Government Announces Plans to Boost Emirati Employment

The Ministry of Emiratisation and Human Resources (MOHRE) has recently announced plans to encourage the employment of Emirati nationals.

The aim is to provide 15,000 job opportunities for Emiratis by the end of this year, which is a significant increase on the 6862 Emirates that were recruited using the same process in 2017.

The first phase of the plan targets 400 occupations with a monthly salary of at least AED 10,000, in more than 2000 companies. MOHRE has not named any of the selected companies, but has described them as important players in the UAE’s economic supply chain, which provide job security and have a large number of employees.

Companies who cooperate with the scheme will be given discounts on government fees relating to their business. In addition, the ministry will also offer to set up satellite offices for companies in rural areas, to boost employment.

How does the process work?

  • When one of the selected companies seeks to recruit an expat for an open position, the ministry will scan the market for a suitable Emirati.
  • If a potential Emirati candidate is found, the company will interview them and will be encouraged to prioritize them if they are suitable for the role. If the company sees the Emirati candidate as unfit, they should justify the reasons to the ministry.
  • If a suitable candidate cannot be found, the company can recruit an expat.

Our Advice

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