URUGUAY & BRAZIL: Bilateral Permanent Residence Agreement Signed

Earlier this month, an agreement between Uruguay and Brazil was signed, which will allow their citizens to be granted permanent visas on both sides without a prior period of temporary residency. This will come into effect after 30 days of the ratification by each country’s government.

Under this new agreement, Uruguayan and Brazilian applicants for permanent residency must present a personal ID i.e a valid passport, ID card, and nationality certificate issued by the consular authority of the home country. They must also provide a certificate or personal statement of absence of criminal record in the home country or the residence countries in the five years prior to relocation to the target country, and an international personal statement with a similar clearance.

In Brazil the residency permit will be granted by the Justice Ministry, and by the National Migration Directorate in Uruguay.

The application fee will be waived and the visas will give the holders the right to work in Uruguay or Brazil under the same conditions as locals.

The new agreement has been seen to increase bilateral trade between the two countries which has increased 30% in the first quarter of 2017, and totalled $4bn in 2016.

Our Advice

Uruguayans and Brazilians will need to wait until 30 days after the agreement has been ratified in both parliaments before applying for permanent residence without the current prerequisite for temporary residence. Newland Chase will keep a close eye on the situation and update our readers when the agreement is in place.

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