ISRAEL: 2018 Minimum Wage Increase for Foreign Experts

January 22, 2018

Effective immediately, the new minimum monthly prevailing wage for foreign national experts holding B-1 work permits is now 19,604 NIS (up from 19,086 NIS in 2017).

The change does not affect experts holding SEA visas (Short Employment Authorization for 45 days) or STEP visas (Short Term Expedited Process for up to 90 days).

What can be included in the prevailing wage?

The prevailing wage for one-year B-1 work visas is double the national average salary. The employer can include in the calculation of the prevailing wage the following benefits, if officially recorded in the pay slip:

  • Gross salary
  • Unconditional per diem payments
  • Unconditional monthly relocation compensation
  • Unconditional monthly international travel allowances (for home visits)
  • Unconditional monthly bonus
  • Any other unconditional monthly payment made to the expert employee

Our Advice

Employers must review the salaries of their foreign national employees in Israel to ensure compliance with the new minimum monthly prevailing wage.

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