KUWAIT: Date Proposed for New DNA Law

October 7, 2016

Following the statement released by the Assistant Undersecretary, for Passport and Residency Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, regarding the implementation of the new electronic passport system at airports in Kuwait, we have subsequently received a date (November 2016) for the launch of the DNA Law.

The unprecedented step to enforce mandatory DNA testing of Kuwaiti citizens, (expat) residents and visitors will proceed following the arrival of DNA testing equipment. Despite strong opposition from Kuwaiti lawyers and Human Rights groups, we anticipate the collection of DNA to still begin in November. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has moved to assure expats and foreign companies that any information taken under the law will be highly confidential. Penalties for non-compliance will result in fines of $33,000 USD and imprisonment for one year. Newland Chase will be monitoring the progress closely and, should the implementation be delayed, further updates will be provided.

If you require any further information regarding the above please contact a member of our team at [email protected].