KUWAIT: Increased Health Insurance Policy Costs for Expats

December 8, 2016

The new health insurance policy for expatriate personnel will see the cost of health insurance increase to a minimum of KD130 in 2017, from the current cost of KD50.

The increase in cost appears to be part of a larger change in health policy that will create a national health insurance system to fund health care services. This is in keeping with the Government”s plans to close access for expats to public health services in a bid to resolve the problem of overcrowding in hospitals and lack of beds for patients.

Dr Ahmad Al-Saleh, CEO of KHAC, the company that oversees provision of expat healthcare in the country, said the increase in charges will be in line with the new independent healthcare system for foreigners and that the rise in charges is not a reflection on the actual cost of health services being offered to expats in Kuwait.

We urge employers in Kuwait to factor in these increased costs into their relocation costs. For further information on this topic, or on immigration in general, please contact us at [email protected].