KUWAIT: Ministry of Interior Amend Visa Rules

August 6, 2015

Kuwaiti Government have recently announced changes to the their immigration processes in hope to proper legal procedures are applied for the good of the country.

Individuals intending to enter Kuwait who have been issued with entry visas must enter the country within one month from the date of issue. Anyone failing to do so will have their entry visa nullified. Entry visa holders must therefore be extremely vigilant in planning their trip to ensure that they do not miss this deadline.

Apart from the above, there have been some stark changing to the category of persons who may enter Kuwait under the dependency route for expats. Changes are also made to limit the time to which the dependency visa is granted for.

Below are some of the key changes that will take place:

  • Expatriates dependency visa for parents will stop with immediate effect but the visitor route will still be opened to parents of the expats;

  • Parents visit visas will now be limited to only one month;

  • Although wife and child dependency visas can still be applied for, the time limit will now be restricted to three months;

  • All visit visa for relatives will now be restricted to one month.

In the meantime, the Interior Minister is also discussing further changes to the system and in particular, a review of expat fees. The proposal is likely to be submitted to the Kuwait parliament during the next parliamentary term.

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