MOZAMBIQUE: Upcoming Reform for Long and Short Term Work Permit Regulations

October 13, 2016

It is anticipated that stricter work permit regulations will be introduced with reform to some existing regulations when hiring foreign workers in Mozambique.

The main changes will include:

  • A dramatic proposal for the withdrawal of sponsorship from employment agencies may be implemented. Employment agencies may no longer have sponsorship capabilities for the work permit allocation to third-party employers for foreign employees.
  • Progressive measures are being made and short-term work authorisations will be initially issued for a 90 day period (presently these are issued for a period of 30 days, with up to two permissible annual extensions).
  • Extended application processing timeframes will be permitted for the Directorate of Labour.
  • New fees for short-term work authorisations will be applicable.
  • Academic certification and an equivalent certificate issued by the Ministry of Education will be required for quota and non-quota work permit applications.
  • Foreign national employees will only be allowed to transfer to a new employer or location if the new employer or location has a foreign national quota.
  • New financial penalties will be introduced for non-compliance.
  • Employers will be required to dismiss a foreign national employee if a Mozambican employee is dismissed. The scope and clear definition of this proposed regulation are yet to be established.

Our advice

Employers should be prepared for these several important changes. They should also expect longer processing times when applying for new work permits on behalf of their international assignees. These changes should begin to take effect from 29th November 2016.

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