Philippines Update

February 28, 2014

Recently issued Operation Orders by the Philippines Bureau of Immigration have made significant changes to the rights and responsibilities of 9(g) Visa applicants and 47(a)(2) Visa holders.

From 20th February, 9(g) Visa applicants must apply for a Provisions Work Permit in order to commence employment before their 9(g) Visa is granted. This is expected to result in a few weeks” delay to employment start dates, as previously, applicants could commence employment once they had submitted their 9(g) Visa applications.

Provision Work Permits can be obtained for a maximum period of 3 months whilst the applicant is waiting for their 9(g) Visa approval. Documents required for the permit include a completed application form, which has been recently consolidated, as well as several sponsoring employer support documents such as a guarantee to pay the employee”s income tax.

There has been a similar shift in tightening regulations for 47(a)(2) Visa holders, who must now depart from the Philippines as soon as their visa expires. It is no longer possible to switch into the tourist category of a 9(a) Visa whilst in the Philippines.

As such, those seeking to migrate to the Philippines for employment purposes should expect longer processing times and an increase of supporting documentation required for their applicants.
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