RUSSIA: Changes to Residence Notification Rules

January 24, 2020

The government has introduced new requirements for the notification of residence, which is submitted annually by holders of temporary residence permits (TRPs) and permanent residence permits (PRPs).

The new rules are as follows;

  • The latest version of the notification form should be used.
  • TRP holders must notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) office in the location of TRP issuance, either online or in person.
  • PRP holders must notify the MIA office in the location of their registered residence, online, in person or via the post office. However, every fifth year of residence the notification must be submitted to the MIA office strictly in person.
  • Deadlines for yearly notification are currently the same for TRP and PRP holders: the notification is to be submitted within two months after each year of residence has passed (previously PRP holders could submit the notification by the end of the calendar year). Years of residence should be calculated from the official date of issue of the TRP or PRP.
  • TRP and PRP holders may not stay outside Russia for longer than six months in total within each calendar year (previously, six consecutive months).

Our Advice

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