Russian Nationals: Restricted Entry to Baltic Countries

September 16, 2022

The Latvia Cabinet of Ministers recently issued a joint statement confirming Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have agreed on a common regional intention to introduce national temporary measures to restrict entry of Russian nationals who hold a Schengen C visa. Entry for other purposes such as humanitarian purposes, or holders of residence permits may still be granted.

The sanction is to be enforced against any Russian nationals who are looking to enter from outside the Schengen area. However Russian nationals looking to enter Estonia, Latvia, Lithuana or Poland using a Schengen visa issued by another Schengen country and is entering from within the Schengen area could still be granted permission to enter.

The sanction will be imposed in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland from 12.01am on 19 September. The Estonian authorities have announced the sanctions will be imposed from 18 September.

Newland Chase Insights

More countries are imposing additional immigration restrictions against Russia and her citizens. It is anticipated that more restrictions could be implemented as the war against the Ukraine continues.


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