UNITED KINGDOM: Youth Mobility Scheme Update

January 6, 2022


The UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme is a cultural exchange program which allows young people, aged from 18 to 30, from a select group of countries, to experience life in the UK for up to two years.

Historically, the countries have included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and San Marino. Each country is allocated an annual quota of Youth Mobility visas that can be granted to its citizens. The scheme is also open to British Overseas citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens or those holding British National (Overseas) status, however these applicants are not subject to an annual allocation quota.

Recent Updates

The Home Office has updated its Youth Mobility Scheme guidance to reflect that Iceland and India have the joined the scheme as of 1 January 2022.  Iceland will have an allocation of 1,000 places in 2022 and India will be allocated 3,000 places. Further updates will be provided once the first India ballot is ready to launch.

The latest guidance also clarifies the documents that applicants from Iceland and San Marino are required to provide to meet the sponsorship requirement:

  • Sammarinese applicants must provide a letter from the Directorate of Political and Diplomatic Affairs of the Republic of San Marino Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Applicants from Iceland must provide a Criminal Certificate for Private Use.

Indian nationals will also need to meet the sponsorship requirement; further information will be provided once the ballot is announced.

Our Advice

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