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UNITED KINGDOM – Changes to the EU Settlement Scheme

May 28, 2024

The UK Home Office published a Statement of Changes to the EU Settlement Scheme. Learn more in this update.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Immigration Salary List Recommendations

March 11, 2024

The United Kingdom is considering changes affecting their Skilled Worker immigration category, including salary and sector changes.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Removal of Sponsor License Renewal Requirements

February 16, 2024

From April 6, 2024, the UK will no longer require employers to renew their sponsor license.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Home Office Formalizes Fines for Illegal Employment

January 30, 2024

The UK Home Office has released updated details of the fines employers will now face for illegal employment.

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UNITED KINGDOM: Immigration Health Surcharge Fee Increase

January 17, 2024

There has been a delay to the implementation of an increased Immigration Health Surcharge Fee.

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UNITED KINGDOM – New immigration controls unveiled

December 7, 2023

Stricter immigration controls will be introduced in Spring 2024 that will significantly impact a number of UK employment visa categories.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Conversion to eVisas for BRP Holders

November 1, 2023

As part of the ongoing digitalisation process for immigration statuses, several types of physical documents will be replaced with electronic versions by the UKVI, including biometric residence permits and residence cards.

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UNITED KINGDOM: Immigration Health Surcharge to Rise in 2024

October 30, 2023

The UK government announced in the immigration health surcharge would be increased, the fee increase will now occur no earlier than 16 January 2024.

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UNITED KINGDOM – ETA System Launches

October 24, 2023

Applications for the Electronic Travel Authorization system open on 25 October for citizens of Qatar, with other countries to be added later. the ETA is a pre-screening system for citizens of visa-exempt countries who are visiting the UK.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Uruguayan Nationals to be Added to Youth Mobility Scheme

September 22, 2023

Uruguay is being added to the UK Youth Mobility Scheme, meaning young people from each country can live and work in the other for a period of time.

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