Consolidated Visa & Immigration Management

Newland Chase offers consolidated visa and immigration management – serving all your needs from business and other travel visas to temporary and permanent residence and long-term work authorization.

By utilizing a single global partner that offers the full spectrum of services for all your global mobility needs, you will receive significant benefits over using separate service providers for travel and immigration services:

  • Reduced visa and immigration compliance risk
  • Cost savings through lower and standardized fees
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and convenience
  • Consolidated technology tools to track, view and prepare reports on your entire international travel and working employee population
  • Proactive, consolidated, project management-based approach to global mobility
  • Single consultative, strategic partner that understands the whole picture

Business Visa Services

From business and other travel visas, to initial passports and renewals, to document legalizations, Apostilles, translations, and notarizations, Newland Chase has the industry’s most extensive network of access to consular posts around the world. When obtaining visa and travel documents, Newland Chase clients receive:

  • Unmatched speed – receiving travel visas or passports sometimes in as little as one day
  • Full line of services in over 190 countries
  • State-of-the-art technology for fast and convenient access to data, requirements and forms to obtain travel visas or passports
  • Specialist support from our travel visa and passport specialists in our 70+ offices worldwide
  • Secure processing of private information through our proprietary technology system
  • Real-time tracking of application status

Together with our sister company, CIBTvisas – the world’s largest global travel visa service – Newland Chase has unrivalled capabilities to obtain business and travel visas and passports in a fast, convenient, and secure manner to and from anywhere in the world.

More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies trust our organization to support them with this critical service.