China Immigration Services

With offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Hong Kong, Newland Chase provides corporations and individuals operating in China with complete support for all their immigration and visa needs – both inbound to China and outbound to the world.

Newland Chase and sister company CIBTvisas have created a new Guided-Entry Visa solution to China. We are uniquely positioned to assess your eligibility to enter China as borders begin to re-open, navigating you through the complex visa issuance process and assisting in arranging any required documentation. Our deep expertise worldwide will ensure your ability to mobilize employees with the most comprehensive guidance available.

Our Guided-Entry Visa Includes:

  • A personalized assessment to determine visa eligibility
  • Guidance on every step of the visa process, including complex government documents and assistance in obtaining them
  • Access to our expert consultant, a single point of contact, who will manage the process from start to finish

Contact your dedicated Newland Chase representative for additional information or schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Newland Chase has a unique competitive advantage to offer both foreign companies operating in China and Chinese companies with business abroad. Through a Joint Venture with China’s leading provider of human resources services, Newland Chase is able to combine our global presence with deep expertise and connections to the Chinese market to deliver an unparalleled level of service to both foreign and Chinese businesses in China.

Newland Chase-FSG is our company’s operating brand in mainland China. It is part of the strategic partnership of our parent company CIBT and Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd – the leading provider of human resources services in China.

Our unique competitive advantages in China include:

  • Seamless China inbound and outbound travel and immigration services to and from 190+ countries and locations
  • Industry-leading experts in China immigration
  • Coverage across all of China
  • Relevant document services both in and outside China to support travel and immigration needs
  • Easier access and feedback channel with government authorities to support the development of China immigration law and its enforcement and practice

China’s migration laws are complex and evolving. Our China team possesses expert knowledge not only on local immigration practice in the Greater China region, but also on PRC consular visas, ancillary document services, PRC nationality and citizenship matters, and global immigration outbound from China. Our mission is to help you effectively move your key people into greater China and around the world.

  • China Immigration Management

    We provide support in all areas of China immigration for corporations and individuals – from short-term work authorization and temporary residency to long-term work authorization, permanent residency, and citizenship, including both company employees and accompanying family members. Our approach covers you from comprehensive guidance and pre-planning of new assignments and immigration options to completion of all in-country requirements to ongoing compliance monitoring.

    For up-to-date information on the most common work authorization routes in China, see Employment Immigration below.

  • Hong Kong Immigration

    Newland Chase, through our wholly owned Hong Kong office, offers full support with all aspects of corporate immigration to Hong Kong. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong administers a separate immigration system from that in greater China. Below is a brief overview of the typical corporate immigration processes for Hong Kong.

    Immigration Summary

    The employment visa under the General Employment Policy (GEP) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Department of Immigration is the standard category for work authorisation for foreign nationals entering Hong Kong as professionals.

    Chinese nationals resident in mainland China, Macao or Hong Kong also need to obtain an Exit Entry Permit (EEP) and corresponding Exit Endorsement (type D) for Hong Kong from their local Public Security Bureau (PSB) in China.

    Overseas Chinese nationals, holding Chinese passports, who have been resident outside China for at least the last twelve months, or who are permanently resident overseas, may follow the employment visa process without obtaining an EEP.

    The training visa available for periods of up to 12 months for applicants to receive training in Hong Kong to acquire specialised skills and knowledge not available in the applicant’s home country.

    This process is available to Chinese nationals only if they are employees or business associates sponsored by multinational firms or well-established companies in Hong Kong. Chinese nationals resident in mainland China need to obtain an Entry Exit Permit (EEP) for Hong Kong.

  • Comprehensive Global Immigration Management

    For corporations and individuals located in China, we also provide support in all areas of immigration to more than 190 countries around the world. Our China team is part of the larger Newland Chase global team of 1,700+ expert immigration and visa professionals – specializing in everything from short-term work assignments and temporary residency to long-term work assignments, permanent residency, and citizenship throughout the world.

  • Business Traveler Management

    Business visas are a key component of a globally mobile workforce – allowing individuals to enter China and other countries for non-work business activities. Business visas typically apply to business meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, limited sales activities, contract negotiations, and some supervisory activities. Newland Chase China offers comprehensive services for business travelers both inbound to China and outbound to more than 190 countries.

    Our services include everything from personalized assessment of the activities and destination for visa compliance, to obtaining the proper visas, to tracking of the number and length of stays of your business travelers for legal compliance.

  • Immigration Policy and Compliance

    Our China immigration experts offer an extensive suite of advisory services and immigration compliance strategies to ensure that your organization and employees remain compliant with all China immigration and visa requirements. Our services include strategic guidance on immigration plans, development and implementation of immigration policies, sponsor compliance, education and training, audit support (including mock audits), and immigration compliance technology solutions.

  • Consulting and Advisory Services

    Our China immigration experts act as trusted business advisors – supporting you in virtually any unique or complex immigration-related matter. Our China team is able to manage the scope of immigration in large-scale projects and employee moves, as well as guide you through the immigration complexities involved in corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

  • Additional China Immigration Services

    We find solutions to complex China immigration problems for businesses and individuals, making the process as straightforward and efficient as possible for you. We will lead you with guidance through each step of the visa process. This is the personalized service that our clients are accustomed to receiving. The specific processes with which we commonly assist our clients include:

    • Renewals, Amendments, Replacements, and Deregistrations of Permits
    • Temporary Visa Extensions
    • Talent (R) Visas
    • Official Invitation Letters for Foreign Experts
    • Official Invitation Letters for China Business Visas
    • Visas and Permits for Dependents
    • Permanent Residency
    • Chinese Nationality
    • Student Visas and Permits
    • China Immigration Exit Immigration Formalities, including PRC Mainlanders travelling to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
    • Company Registrationsfor Immigration Purposes

Immigration Summary

Under the new work permit system, foreign nationals applying to work in China are placed into one of three categories (A, B and C) that identify the holder as high-end personnel, professional personnel, or less-skilled temporary personnel, using a points-based system.

For the Work and Residence Permit (Offshore) process, where the applicant is outside China, sponsoring companies first apply in China for a Notification Letter of Work Permit, and then the applicant applies for a Z visa (valid for three months) at a Chinese consular post. A work permit application must be submitted by the sponsoring company within 15 days of the applicant’s arrival, and finally the applicant must apply for a work-type residence permit.

Alternatively, the Work and Residence Permit (Onshore) process is for an applicant already in China, usually on an M visa (for business) or an R visa (for certain high-level and urgently needed Category A applicants).

An M visa may be used for certain work-like activities in China for up to 90 days, as long as no salary is paid within China. Activities allowed include (1) repair, installation, adjustment, disassembly, or training in connection with the purchase of equipment or machinery; (2) instruction, supervision, or inspection of a project in China that has won a bid; and (3) intra-company transfer to a branch office, subsidiary, or representative office in China. Consular qualifying criteria, application requirements, procedures and timing may vary and should be checked on a case-by-case basis.

There is also a Short-Term Work Permit process for assignees visiting business partners or suppliers in China for up to 90 days, in connection with technology, scientific research, management or the provision of guidance. A Notification Letter of Work Permit and a Z visa are required, but not a work permit, and a residence permit is only required for assignment of over 30 days.

Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan Nationals do not need a visa or work permit to enter and stay in mainland China for work.

Our China team members are highly qualified and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of Chinese immigration. They come from the best of legal, consulting, in-house corporate and government backgrounds and bring a breadth of experience and insight both in immigration and a multitude of industry sectors. With a dedication to service and a consultative approach, our people act as your trusted advisors and partners in achieving your business goals in China.

Our Chinese leadership team directs over 30 immigration experts working for you in China. Meet our China leadership team:

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