Our Innovative Technology

Newland Chase is revolutionizing immigration management with our industry-leading technology solutions. Our suite of award-winning applications makes navigating immigration processes easier and more efficient for organizations worldwide. With intuitive interfaces and comprehensive features, our tools empower organizations to streamline their immigration workflows, maintain compliance and achieve their global mobility objectives.

Explore our cutting-edge products below:

ImmiSMART is our groundbreaking cross-border compliance and talent mobility portal designed to simplify global immigration processes for organizations worldwide. Developed by Newland Chase’s immigration experts, the technology seamlessly integrates work permit, visa, posted worker and A1 certificate of coverage information with advanced assessment logic and hyper-personalized valid documents and stay limits checks. From streamlined case management to real-time updates, ImmiSMART offers unparalleled support, ensuring organizations can maintain compliance and achieve their global mobility goals with confidence.

Experience how ImmiSMART’s advanced features can simplify your visa processing workflows.

Immigo is our flagship case management platform developed to enhance immigration management with speed and security. With on-demand reporting, this advanced software simplifies complex processes, ensuring a smoother journey for immigration managers while providing assignees, HR contacts and suppliers with online access to view the status of immigration cases. With a special module designed for the Applicant users, Immigo acts as an intuitive companion for the Applicant’s insights into their case progress, pending actions and tentative timeframes. Led by Newland Chase’s team of experts, Immigo has redefined the case management journey.

Ready to simplify your immigration management experience?

Immiguru, our immigration knowledge software, is your comprehensive resource for the latest information on and detailed step-by-step guide for nearly 2,000 immigration processes across over 100 countries. This award-winning, web-based database offers immediate access to current, detailed and user-friendly immigration information, empowering users to efficiently manage their immigration projects and timelines.

Stay ahead of the curve and optimize your immigration projects with Immiguru.