Immigration Software

Our ImmiSMART suite of technology is designed to make it easy for you and your employees to understand complex immigration processes and compliance requirements.

ImmiSMART comprises several different tools with different but complementary functionality, which can be deployed together or individually as needed.

ImmiSMART is:

  • Easy to use – with an intuitive, appealing user interface which makes it simple to access the data and reports you need
  • Comprehensive – with the industry’s largest up-to-date database of global immigration processes and requirements, daily reviewed by a network of 350+ immigration experts around the globe
  • Secure – with four geographically dispersed SOC II approved data centers, your company’s and employees’ data is protected by the best technology and processes compliant with all relevant international data security laws, including GDPR


  • Case performance metrics
  • Expiration dates
  • Total spend (by country, population, department and more)
  • Total population (where they are and where they’re going)


  • Total days in-country
  • Employee and family immigration status
  • Employee current location
  • Proactive alerts in advance of status expiration

Secure Document Share

  • Prepare applications securely online
  • Version control for supporting documents
  • Secure, role-based share for copies of visas and permits

Status Updates

  • Sort and organize cases by status
  • Traffic light status bars showing when cases are on track or behind schedule
  • Gantt chart progress updates
  • Detailed step-by-step process flows

Business Travel Compliance

  • Online assessment technology to flag up “stealth expats”
  • Assessments reviewed in real time by team of qualified lawyers
  • Track business traveler stay limits

Access to Knowledge

  • Real-time access to 1900+ processes for 100+ countries
  • Understand processing time, qualifying criteria, dependent permissions and more
  • 1000s of immigration requirements and document checklists available on demand