Cross-Border Compliance Solution

ImmiSMART is Newland Chase’s groundbreaking cross-border compliance and talent mobility portal tailored for travel managers and global mobility professionals. Developed by Newland Chase’s immigration experts, the technology seamlessly integrates work permit, visa, posted worker and A1 certificate information with advanced assessment logic paired with hyper-personalised valid document and stay limit checks. This innovative fusion empowers travel and global mobility teams, as well as employees, to effortlessly navigate the complexities of global immigration laws, ensuring full compliance during overseas travel. The technology’s standout feature is its adaptability and configurability, enabling it to easily integrate into an organization’s broader global mobility ecosystem to streamline the administration of travel and mobility programs, thereby reducing both time and costs.

ImmiSMART’s key highlights include:

Intuitive Interface: ImmiSmart features a user-friendly interface that simplifies access to immigration updates, reports and personal profiles for both HR personnel and employees.

Comprehensive Database: With the industry’s largest and most up-to-date database of global immigration, visa, posted worker and A1 processes and requirements that is continuously reviewed by a network of over 350 immigration experts worldwide, ImmiSMART provides comprehensive support for users.

Stringent Security: ImmiSMART is a cloud-native application that ensures the highest levels of security, safeguarding organizational and employee data in compliance with all relevant international data security laws, including GDPR.

Flexible Options: Users have the option to configure the technology either for employee-driven self-service mode or HR-monitored completion of pre-travel assessments and service initiations.

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Take control of your organization’s global mobility program with ImmiSMART’s comprehensive suite of solutions, featuring:


  • Check travel date feasibility
  • Verify applicable requirements for each travel
  • Utilize online technology that flags “stealth expats”
  • Confirm global immigration requirements
  • Outline post-Brexit travel requirements
  • Enable Posted Worker Notifications and A1 certificates of coverage fulfilment
  • Analyze travelers’ existing immigration status and past in-country stays
  • Track true travel dates versus planned dates


  • Monitor total days spent in-country for visa free and visa-based periods in the Schengen zone by UK and other nationals as part of assessments
  • Receive alerts for immigration status expirations

Direct Service Initiation

  • Easily request assistance with visa, immigration processes, posted worker notification or A1 certificates for upcoming trips
  • Pre-populate data questionnaires and application forms
  • Implement HR service authorization workflows
  • Quickly and easily access CIBTvisas and Newland Chase services

Secure Document Share

  • Share immigration documents securely online
  • Utilize secure, role-based sharing for copies of visas, permits, posted worker notifications and A1 certificates

Case Status Updates

  • Access all-in-one case status updates for travel visas and immigration
  • Benefit from travel visa support, immigration support and consultations

Alerts System

  • Receive alerts about upcoming expiry dates


  • Gain valuable insights into travel volumes, activities and risks from the Dashboard
  • Generate assessments, travel records and travel clearance reports
  • Monitor total spend (by country, population, department and more), while gaining insights into total population distribution

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