Posted Workers

Complying with the various national rules and requirements arising from the European Union’s Posted Worker Directives can be a challenge for companies with employees temporarily working across the various EU member states. To address this need, Newland Chase has established an end-to-end program of service offerings to assist you in maintaining Posted Worker compliance:

Strategic Consultation

  • Review of your intra-EU mobility lanes and workflows
  • Advice on responsibilities and obligations
  • Consultation on requirements depending on contract and assignment type

Training and Guidance

  • Country profiles providing detailed scope, rules, and local practices
  • Guidance on data requirements for Posted Worker Notification forms, record keeping requirements, and appointing a contact person/liaison
  • Updates in the event of changes to rules and processes
  • Online or in-person training (in English; optional in local language)

Processing Posted Worker Notifications

  • Preparation and submission of posted worker declarations in required form and language
  • Set-up and registration requirements of employer posted location
  • Scope and data requirements per country
  • Filing of amendment notification due to changes in assignment

Acting as Designated Representative

  • Support on correspondence with the authorities in case of verifications or inspections
  • Assistance with provision of relevant documents in case of inspections by the authorities

Social Security / A1 Certificates

  • Evaluation of A1 requirements
  • Processing of A1 certificates